Leadership Cake Philosophy

There are so many theories, models and jargon when it comes to leading others where do you start?

The answer is Leadership Cake. Our guiding principles and approach focuses on “YOU” as a leader and when, how and why you act and behave in certain situations. We consider your strengths and when they become overplayed and become your development areas.

philosophy mixing bowl

Most importantly Leadership Cake will help you review and build a personal recipe that is unique to you and your business.

So if you are new to leading teams or you are a seasoned senior leader, review your ingredients and how your leadership tastes to others with Leadership Cake. The Leadership Cake philosophy takes you on a metaphorical journey with you and your leadership style taking on the guise of a cake.
  • The Essential Ingredients

  • The Filling In Your Cake
    is what makes you taste different from other leaders. Your filling is your personal development.

  • Icing = Personal Brand
    What is it you stand for? What are the visible values and beliefs you display openly? What you are about? What does your icing actually say about your Leadership Cake?

  • Crumbs and All - Legacy
    The longer-lasting memory of your Leadership Cake builds your legacy as a leader. It becomes the aftertaste of your Cake and what they will remember you for.