Leadership Cake: A Recipe for Success in Leadership


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  • Description

    Do you have the best recipe for success in leadership? If you want to accelerate your career success and become a great leader, you must have the right balance of key ingredients. As you read this book, it will:

    • Help you identify the four must-have ingredients to creating your Leadership Cake.
    • Provide examples of having too much or too few of important leadership elements.
    • Show you how to stand out from others as a leader.
    • Provide tips for creating a personal brand that serves you and reflects your values and leadership style.

    The Leadership Cake philosophy takes you on a metaphorical journey with you and your leadership style taking on the guise of a cake. The author has been an experienced leader of global billion-dollar businesses who has gathered the finest ingredients to help you to succeed.

  • Author

    Steve Rush
  • Format

    Paperback, first edition signed by author, 130 pages.
  • Publisher

    Improov Publishing (15 Oct 2013)
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