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Leadership Cake and the philosophy started as a quest to write a book by the author, and CEO of Improov Consulting, Steve Rush.

It was the result of years of leading the good, the not so good and the indifferent while also being lead by some great leaders and some diabolical leaders.

Leadership Cake Author Steve Rush

We established that the “many models” approach is a good one.

This means that no one model on its own will suffice, but you should take elements from as many models as you can to help you define your thinking.

Our research and experience tells us that it is not about the model, nor is it about the role, the organization, or the task, but it is about whether the individual who leads that team has all the necessary ingredients. It is also about mixing those leadership ingredients in the right quantity to be the most effective and successful leader he or she can be.

In most cases, leaders’ style emerged from their life and work experiences both consciously and subconsciously. Without fail we used to hear, “I wish I’d had a recipe for success years ago” when working with leaders at all levels.

The book, 360° feedback and our coaching and development courses explore the principle that leadership is created just like a cake;

It’s a whole creation, born out of a list of ingredients, all of which are essential to create the perfect cake. The cake is a metaphor for you, and the ingredients and construction are you and your style. Our recipe will help you become a great leader.

A Leadership Cake

Get your ingredients, mixing and baking right, and you are a great leader; get them wrong and you (and your cake) can taste awful.

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