What is 360º Feedback?

360° feedback can sometimes be referred to as multi-rater feedback, multi-source feedback, or multi-source assessment.

It is feedback that comes from members of an employee or leaders closest co-workers.

This usually involves the people who report to them, their peers and their boss. It also involves a self assessment. This is so the individual can benchmark their perceptions and beliefs vs. those who work with them and thus closing the working circle.

slice of Leadership Cake

We have overlaid the philosophy of Leadership Cake into our very own Leadership Cake 360°.

The results from a 360-degree evaluation are often used by the person receiving the feedback to plan and map specific paths in their development.

Stand alone self-appraisal & coaching support = fully inclusive Leadership Cake 360º package
360 degree feedback

Select a tailored Leadership Cake 360º Feedback package from below to refine your personal recipe.

When you select a package you will also have the option to include a followup coaching session to further enhance you leadership recipe.